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Workshops And Medicine Horse Way

The primary purpose of a workshop environment is to transcend our conditioned ways of thinking and being and begin to experience broader aspects of our authentic selves. In a workshop setting you can learn new life skills and tools to take back into “normal” life.  The workshop provides safe space to learn and practice new tools and ways of being.  With the support of expert instructors you have the opportunity to create community and venture into new territory, guided by your own intuition.   We can become the change we wish to see in the world by doing our part to usher in a deepening of human consciousness that naturally happens when we learn to let go of old coping strategies.

You came forth into your body with enormous clarity and purpose. That purpose is calling to you now. You can take up this path simply, joyfully, gently, and patiently through a Medicine Horse Way workshop.

  • You will learn to release everything unlike love in yourself.
  • Surrender the defense of old perceptions that no longer work.
  • Respond from the heart instead of reacting from fear.
  • Allow the joy of life to flow freely through you.

All Medicine Horse Way Instructors have walked this path for themselves. In fact, it is required prior to applying to the Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship program to become an instructor.

No matter which instructor you choose or workshop you wish to attend, you will find yourself cared for and guided by a compassionate, highly skilled, instructor who understands that we are all constantly growing. At Medicine Horse Way we look forward to what you will bring to the next gathering of Authentic Community as we all work to grow together.