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Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship Program

New UK Apprenticeship added for 2018-19! Scroll down for details.

A WAY in life means to have chosen from all the possibilities, the one WAY that shines brightest for you. Every journey brings experiences to you that could not come in any other WAY. Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship will bring you authentic community relationships, knowledge and healing along the WAY, and an end result that is much richer than you could ever imagine.

It is important to understand very well that Medicine Horse Way requires your willingness to commit to your own healing, your own freedom, the WAY of your own unique life path. Commitment is nothing more than a deliberate decision that something will be so. When all of your being is involved in the willingness to make a decision, there is literally nothing that can prevent you from the accomplishment of your goal. Through the Medicine Horse Way apprenticeship you will discover a way of walking through life feeling uplifted by something that seems to be forever beyond your ability to explain it, yet it is within you as the core and essence of your being. You become the change you want to see in the world; moving from mystery to mystery to mystery uplifted and carried by something that brings satisfaction and fulfillment to the depth of your soul.

Carol Roush is offering Medicine Horse Way Equine Experiential Learning Instructor Apprenticeship programs for those who have completed the NOW program and feel the desire to advance their personal development process and become qualified to teach this powerful body of work to others.
The Medicine Horse Way apprenticeship is appropriate for those who feel called to expand their personal development through the way of the horse and offer the benefits of this work to others. This program is also beneficial for coaches, leadership trainers, and therapists who want to add an equine experiential learning module to their existing practice.
Those who complete the Medicine Horse Way apprenticeship will be designated Medicine Horse Way EFL Instructors and fully trained to begin offering Equine Facilitated Learning experiences with the focus on personal development, emotional agility, mental clarity, integration of body/mind/spirit and building authentic community. Medicine Horse Way Instructors then have the option to attend one additional apprenticeship week with Linda Kohanov, with the focus on leadership, at her ranch in Arizona to add Eponaquest Power of the Herd Instructor to their EFL credentials.

2018 Apprenticeship Program Dates
The Medicine Horse Way UK Apprenticeship 2018-19 will take place at Trealy Farm, Mitchel Troy, Monmouth NP25 4BL

Contact: [email protected] or by phone at 01761 453168

Session One November 14 – 22, 2018
Session Two March 10 – 18, 2019
Session Three May 30 – June 7 2019

Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship Prerequisites: Please note that there may be recommendations in addition to meeting the listed prerequisites according to individual needs as assessed by Carol Roush. Areas of focus for additional requirements are on horse skills and personal development. The apprenticeship program is high quality and fast paced with a commitment to each graduate gaining the skills and confidence to take equine facilitated learning forward in their own high-quality programs. We feel strongly that taking the time to complete the prerequisites and any other recommendations is vital to your success and the quality of the work made available to future clients.
Path to Apprenticeship:
Step One:  Complete an Introductory Workshop with any Medicine Horse Way Instructor
Step Two:  Complete a NOW program

Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship Overview

Each apprenticeship session consists of 10 days with one day off for rest and integration. The program is intense and it is strongly suggested that you do not have partners or family members travel and lodge with you. There is so much to teach, and impossible to list it all here in this document, but the following is an overview of the intent, agenda, and structure of the apprenticeship program. The program is taught by Carol Roush who has over 12 years of experience teaching EFL, including 8 years teaching Apprenticeships as Senior Faculty with Linda Kohanov. Carol is assisted by Master Instructors who have at least 3 years of EFL experience and most have 10 or more years’ experience as horse professionals.
The first session of the apprenticeship will focus on teaching specific horse skills and client safety measures, how to evaluate individual horses for their ability to do equine experiential learning activities with clients. You will learn how to choose your herd, determine which horse in your herd is right for clients according to their skill level. Our primary focus is on the horse as a sentient being co-facilitating the work with us. You will learn how to listen to your horses and develop awareness around their level of presence and willingness for the work each day. Horses need days off too!

Then you will begin the process of learning how to facilitate the foundation elements necessary for introductory work with individual clients and workshop groups. By the end of the first apprenticeship session you will be prepared to begin facilitating practice sessions when you return home. In this session you and a group of your peers will plan a one day workshops to take place during the second session. There will be homework assignments between the program sessions, including conducting actual EFL sessions with clients and horses as well as recommended reading to expand your awareness in personal development.
During the second session of the apprenticeship you will facilitate a one day workshops with your peers and then continue learning how to facilitate more modules, deepen your understanding of the art of facilitation and group process as well as facilitating individual sessions. In this session of the program you and a group of your peers will plan a 2-day workshop that you will conduct during session three with real clients attending. In this session you will also learn how to set up your own EFL business and how to market your programs and sessions.
We will cover EFL ethical considerations, standards of conduct and best practices. There will be homework between sessions.
In session three you will conduct a 2-day workshop with your small group of peers, receive faculty evaluations and recommendations. In this session you will learn how to assess which clients are right for you and which need to be referred to other professionals depending on the stage of their process. Equine Facilitated Learning is not appropriate for those with serious, active mental health disorders.
Upon graduation as a recommended Medicine Horse Way Instructor you are then eligible for the following continuing education and opportunities within the structure of the Medicine Horse Way Authentic Community of Instructors.
Medicine Horse Way Instructors who have completed the apprenticeship program will be qualified to teach Medicine Horse Way Introductory workshops and conduct private sessions. After teaching 10 introductory workshops, instructors may apply to attend an additional week of training to become Advanced Instructors qualified to offer advanced workshops. This continuing education module will be offered once per year.
Medicine Horse Way Advanced Instructors can offer advanced workshops, assist with NOW programs, and will then have the opportunity to serve as a small group leader in a subsequent Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship program to earn the title of Master Instructor.
Medicine Horse Way Master Instructors will receive an additional week of training to qualify to teach the two part NOW program and may apply for a faculty position in Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship Programs International. This continuing education module will be offered once every 3 years.
I believe that authentic community, continuing education, connection and support are important to the ongoing development necessary for all of us who are called to walk the way of the medicine horse.  I am committed to providing retreats and mentoring for Medicine Horse Way Instructors.
The end of the apprenticeship is the beginning of a whole new way of life! Together we will Be the Change we want to see in the world, one horse and one human at a time.


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Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship Application

Applicants are required to submit an electronic copy, in English, of their application to Carol Roush at [email protected]
Additionally, there is a $100 USD application processing fee to be paid at the time the application is submitted. Your application will be reviewed within 10 days of receipt and notice of next steps will be emailed. Some applicants may be asked to participate in a telephone or Skype interview.
Listed below are the items that comprise the Apprenticeship application. Please provide the information in a Microsoft Word document that is a maximum of four (4) pages using text only — no photos or graphics. Date application and include name, address, phone number, and email address.
• Make a statement about what attracts you to a career in Equine Experiential Learning. List schools, programs, trainings, certifications, etc. that have supported your growth and development
• Professional Experience in one or more of the following fields: Horse experience, Healer or Shaman, Mental Health Professional, Life Coach, Shamanic Training, Alternative Human Health Care, Animal Health Care, Unique Experience, Skills, Connections
• Describe your initial experience with Equine Experiential Learning. Indicate nature of experience (workshop, private sessions, or an intensive), the name(s) of facilitator(s) and workshop(s), and dates. Indicate which of the concepts or activities were difficult to integrate when you returned home? For example, the concept of emotion as information, authentic community building skills, or the false- self/authentic-self metaphor. Which of the concepts were most useful?
• List the date and Facilitator of the Introductory Workshop you attended along with the names and dates of the qualifying workshops with Carol Roush or other qualified instructors. Horse Experience (you do not have to be an advanced rider to do this work, but some experience with horses is essential).

Medicine Horse Way International Apprenticeship

The International Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship dates, location and fee are to be announced.