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Dina Hooten, England

Rosie Withey, England

Rosie Wither

Master Instructor

“The first totem animal to appear in my very first shamanic journey, whilst on the EASE Program in Arizona in February 2009 was the Robin.  The Robin is one of my favourite birds.  It represents the coming of Spring and new growth.  It is my birth month and favourite time of year.  It’s message, according to Ted Andrews, author of Animal-Speak is to “sing your own song if you wish new growth.” 

Each time I see the Robin it reminds me to “sing my own song” and also that my life’s purpose and what Medicine Horse Way means to me is to support others to find their own ‘inner voice’”.

From childhood I’ve spent my life on and around horses; competing, teaching and simply spending time with them. Experiences such as coaching the British Olympic Pentathlon team (to gold medal success!) and running my equestrian centre have shown me the true value of the connection between horse and human. It's that which forms the foundation of my work today.

In 2008 I started down the path of becoming an Eponaquest Instructor of Equine Facilitated Learning, a truly remarkable journey of growth, self-discovery and transformation.

My absolute passion is to inspire people to be their true self and be the best that they can be and horses are my partners in this work. In particular my focus is on developing clarity, connection, communication and confidence through Equine Facilitated Learning, Life Coaching and Riding Coaching.

I have a sensitive and intuitive approach to support my clients develop relationship skills, enhance their emotional and mental well-being, discover clear direction, overcome obstacles, bring balance to their lives or simply develop their self-awareness. Through 1:1 sessions, group workshops and bespoke programmes of Equine Facilitated Learning in the UK, I help adults, teenagers and business professionals in their search for a more authentic way of being, living, managing and leading.

Reflective Riding is my holistic approach to riding and is based upon the fundamental connection between rider and horse - what I believe to be the most important aspect of riding. I offer private sessions for riders on their own horses and group workshops for dressage and showjumping in the South West of the UK.

I first met Carol Roush in 2009, at the start of my journey with Eponaquest, when she was one of the facilitators on the Eponaquest Advanced Study Experience (EASE) Programme. We became friends throughout my Apprenticeship the following year, and since 2013 I have co-facilitated three NOW Programmes with Carol in Europe and taught alongside her in the first European Eponaquest Apprenticeships in France and Germany. Last year I was delighted when Carol invited me to become one of the founding members of her Medicine Horse Way team, and I am now very proud to be a Master Instructor of the Medicine Horse Way.

Treetops Farm
+44 (0) 7775 594294
[email protected]

Caroline Morgan, England

Master Instructor


British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (1990)
Eponaquest Instructor(2009, Adv. 2015)
Medicine Horse Way Master Teacher (2015)

My Medicine Horse Journey

I have come a long way but finally I trust that we all hold the space for growth and healing for each other.

This space is created from the moment we all get together to share thoughts, words and actions. The alchemical process in these exchanges will change our perceptions of our world forever; the experience of which fascinates me endlessly. Conversations can be deep or light but always meaningful: rarely if ever, small talk. A comfortable shared silence exists in the space where there is nothing truly mutually engaging to discuss. I love those times of shared silence.

I feel a tremendous relief of being in the presence of people who are able to take care of themselves enough to “simply” ask for what they need. It is comforting to know that if I am not to be the one to meet the need of the other in that moment, then there will be someone else in our community that is in alignment to assist. In this way the exchange is healthy and free from resentment or other draining charges. This shared ability to respond to the needs of another feels whole and satisfying to experience.

I feel safe enough to ask for my own needs to be met, without the fear that someone will do something for me out of duty alone; devoid of feeling compassion. I can trust that there will be someone who has the core strength to assist me, and eventhough the person who assists may not be whom I initially asked or expected, it is fine; my need for connection will be met. I can be open to new solutions, expanding my world.

Living in the belief that it is possible for everyone to practice honouring and respecting the vulnerabilities of others inspires me. During those raw moments when heart felt compassion can offer healing for a wound as effectively as false compassion can leave the same wound bleeding and festering for lifetimes; my inner guidance discerns safe spaces where I can be open and safe. The authentic community that is learned through our interactions with the horses, trusts that everyone can access the inner knowing to work through challenges. The horses mentor us in how to support our learning processes in a way that is empowering, healing and true. This support network is the glue that binds an authentic community of people together.

In this safe environment I can explore endless opportunities to choose to develop compassion; all of which are lessons taken by choice through the awareness of the dynamic of the ability to give and receive. In this way it is no longer necessary to shame ourselves, or others for the very humanness that we all share. I have come to know that when I feel my heart close in answer to a call for compassion towards another being; then it is time for me to be compassionate to myself. When I have cared for myself enough, I feel I have an abundant supply of energy that naturally, effortless becomes available to channel towards my selected focus. This has brought so much balance and peace into my life.

As our human herd begins to move forwards with some of the momentum that our equine herds mentor, we experience the power, beauty and pain of what it is to belong to a force that can move through, around and over any terrain knowing that there are other herd members who are skilled to look out for problems-with a view to discovering timely solutions: drive us forward with enthusiasm- so that we become efficient not exhausted: lead the way- without becoming a dictator: care for each other- free from hidden agendas: and move gracefully together through many periods of transition with the acceptance of the changes that are inevitably to be experienced on this dramatically beautiful planet. The magic is that we don’t even need to say a word.

In order to mentor living an authentic life, our inner guidance may take us to places we never imagined; connecting with people we’d never considered, or working in environments that had never previously been part of the vision. However there is no error in the plan; instead it is an opportunity to move forwards in balance with the arrow of time, engaged in the sorrows and joys of living a life that is alive.

We already have the permission to live deeply. It is our birthright to live a life that satisfies the hearts desire to be all that we are to be. I have to remind myself from time to time though, that it is an illusion that I have to wait for someone somewhere to say that it is okay to be at peace. Contentment is the womb from which curiosity and creativity are birthed; the beginning of life not the end. From this start point we explore how to harness the power of the combined intelligence of our heart, gut and head. We legalise the freedom to tap into the courage to stay present with our vulnerabilities and be content. Only then can we ride on the wings of the fears of believed limitations, accelerating our personal growth and enriching our lives beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. For me this is the journey of the Medicine Horse Way.

Telford Equestrian Centre
+44 (0) 7972 036683
[email protected]