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Ancient Oak Trees are well known and sacred in France. Oak trees are an image of endurance, vigor and sturdiness. Naturally, our ancestors associated it with the king of the Gods, Jupiter/Zeus/Thor, the God of thunder and lightening, a deity who embodies the qualities of strength, power and potency. The majestic Oak trees were considered his earthly abode. Oak trees are said to extend as far below the ground as they reach up into the heavens, thus encompassing Underworld and Heavens alike. In mythology Thor is a shamanic God who traverses these realms on his eight-legged stallion 'Sleipnir'. When he passes we hear the noise of his mount's thundering hooves as he gallops through the skies.

It is said that 'Oaks and Ash court the lightening flash'. The rationalization of this phenomenon consists of the fact that Oaks often grow where two water veins cross. Our ancestors on the other hand saw it as the presence of their thunder-god Jupiter/Thor. Lightening was regarded as a fertilizing heavenly fire, a gift of the Gods, which was awe inspiring and frightening, for it could both, destroy as well as fertilize the fields (by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, as the clever, educated 20th century person would hasten to add). Of course, thunder and lightening are also usually accompanied by heavy rains, which are just as necessary to fertilize the earth.

Oaks were rarely planted close to the farm, as their character belonged to the wild, untamed aspect of nature. They were considered far too sacred to be domesticated and besides, their affinity to lightening was not a particularly desirable quality to have around the home. Instead, single standing old Oaks and Oak woods were used as temples for ceremonies and as oracular places. Ancient tribes perceived their thunder gods in Oak trees, which they considered their most holy sanctuaries. Sacred Oak trees and groves can still be found throughout northern Europe.

Oaks were used as meeting places for the village elders where they held their moots or tings (meetings) to decide on morals, law and order. Decisions thus made under the watchful eye of Thor himself were meant to endure and stand firm like the Oak tree itself. Court was held in their shade, oaths were sworn and no false word was tolerated in its presence. Oaks were held in such high esteem, that anyone who would dare to harm them was sentenced to death.

In a tiny village in Normandy a sacred old Oak tree itself was turned into a 'tree-church'. A minute chapel dedicated to 'our lady of peace' is built right inside the tree trunk. The approximately 1200-year-old tree is still alive; an awesome testimonial to the deeply rooted nature spirituality that was once common throughout Europe, preserved to this day, as it were, in Christian robes.

In druidic times the Oak played a particularly important role and not just as the host for the Mistletoe, which was the holiest of sacred plants in druidic lore. The very name 'Druid' is derived from the Celtic word for Oak - 'duir' meaning door. Duir, can all be traced back to the Sanskrit root 'DWR', which also means 'door'. Traditionally, doors were made of Oak, as this is the strongest and toughest wood. It is also a wood of protection and thus wards off any evil spirits.

Esoterically, the door represents a threshold or 'in-between space', a time and place between the worlds. Medicine Horse Way is offered in France as an opportunity to enter this in-between space, and space that exists between where you are now and where you would like to be next in your life journey. The dove is also the medicine of France, it is a symbol of peace and prophecy associated with maturity and the sacred feminine. The voice of the dove is the rain song, it calls forth new waters of life. It’s song reminds us that no matter our life circumstances new water and therefor new life are still possible. The earth is a female planet and so creation and rebirth is available to all who reside upon her.


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Sven Texier, France


Advanced Instructor

I have always had a need and a really deep desire to explore my inner world, to follow my intuitions, to listen to my feelings, to meet my authentic self, to understand what I am made of, to discover what is around me and those who are living beside me on earth and also what connects us and differentiates us from each other. This deep desire has given me the opportunity to live rich and varied experiences, both professionally and personally. I can honestly say that each of those experiences is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and motivation that allows me today to better understand those I am living with right now and those who will come.

Throughout human history, the link between humans and horses has been really special, universal and deep. Horses have and continue to contribute to our development - personal and global - on multiple levels! As a Naturopath and an equine facilitated learning practitioner/instructor, I believe “health” results from creating a dynamic equilibrium between the our various "layers" - physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, socio-cultural and eco-planetary - which we must continually explore and challenge. This belief is the foundation of my research and forms the foundation for the development and implementation of my workshops. I invite you to come and explore the educational tools we are teaching and the unique experiences that we are offering in partnership with horses!

Sven Texier Naturopath, Eponaquest Instructor and Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor.

Carole Thomas, France


Master Instructor

(En français au-dessous)

For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to horses. Fascinating horses. And now, I am convinced that horses are much more subtle beings than we might otherwise have thought, that they have the power to bring so many precious things to us humans. It is up to us to hear and listen to them.

I have been riding horses since I was 12, first as a cross country competition rider, then in dressage, horsemanship, and liberty work/play. And horse driving as well.

My own horse is a unicorn. Really! A magical, white unicorn.

Professionally, I have 15 years of experience working for private companies, as a manager and chief operating officer in team project management, quality systems management, and optimizing performance, as well as in the development of new initiatives related to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

On a personal level, I have done 12 years of personal development. I am still working on expanding my awarenesses, about myself, about relationships, and about the universe. My deep motivation is to build more respect and love.

I have been an Eponaquest equine facilitated learning instructor since 2011, trained and certified by Linda Kohanov and the excellent Eponaquest faculty based in Arizona in the USA. Subsequently I became the first French Eponaquest Advanced Instructor & Power of the Herd (leadership development) Instructor. Now, thanks to Carol Roush, I am proud to be a Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor.

I organize equine facilitated learning workshops near Paris and in the very south of France, and also in Kenya (photography and safaris) and have some projects as well in north Africa (Morocco), Ireland and other places that I know well. I travel as needed.

My favorite workshop themes are: “Reconnect to your own full potential or resources”, “Exploring the potential of the human-horse relationship”, “Let your creativity and your creative power free”, “Perceive, listen & feel”, “Authentic relationships”, “The power of non-predatory power”, “Life transitions”, and “Emotions”.

Contact information:

D’aussi loin que je me souvienne, j’ai toujours été attirée par les chevaux. Fascinants chevaux. Et maintenant, je suis persuadée que les chevaux sont des créatures bien plus subtiles que ce que nous pouvons habituellement le croire. Qu’ils ont le pouvoir de nous apporter tant de choses précieuses à nous, humains. A nous de les entendre et de les écouter.

J’ai commencé à monter à cheval à 12 ans. Cavalière de concours complet, puis travail sur le plat, équitation éthologique et travail en liberté. Attelage aussi.
Mon cheval est une licorne. Oui, oui. Une licorne blanche magique.

A titre professionnel, je travaille depuis 20 ans dans des entreprises privées, en tant que directeur des opérations, dans le management d’équipes et de projets, le pilotage de systèmes qualité, l’optimisation des performances opérationnelles, le développement d’activités nouvelles liées au développement durable et à la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises.

Sur un plan plus personnel, j’ai fait plus de 12 ans de développement personnel et je continue encore et encore. En cherchant à étendre mon niveau de conscience. Dans ma relation à moi-même, aux autres, et au monde. Ma motivation profonde est de contribuer à plus de respect et plus d’amour.

Instructeur Eponaquest depuis 2011, formée et certifiée par Linda Kohanov et son équipe en Arizona, Etats-Unis. Puis, je suis devenue le 1èr Instructeur français niveau avancé et POH (Power of the Herd, spécialisation leadership). Et je suis fière aussi d’être Master Instructeur Medicine Horse Way, dans l’équipe de Carol Roush.

J’organise des ateliers de développement personnel et professionnels assisté les chevaux en région parisienne, dans le grand sud de la France (PACA et Languedoc) mais aussi au Kenya (avec des safaris photos et du tourisme solidaire) et, en projet, au Maroc, en Irlande et dans d’autres endroits que j’apprécie beaucoup. Je me déplace sur demande.

Mes thèmes de prédilection sont : « Nous reconnecter à notre plein potentiel de ressources », « explorer le potentiel de la relation homme-cheval », « libérer notre créativité et notre pouvoir créateur », « Percevoir, écouter, ressentir », « Relations authentiques », « La puissance du pouvoir non-prédateur », « Transitions de vie », « Emotions ».