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In Germany Medicine Horse Way is a path to personal freedom. We learn how to leave our shadow behind while embracing and expanding our authentic selves. Together we extend love to mother earth and be the change we wish to see in the world as we embody Horse Medicine.

Horse was the first animal medicine of ancient man.
Black Horse is medicine from the void where ANSWER lives.
Yellow Horse is medicine of the east where ILLUMINATION lives.
Red Horse is the medicine of JOY, balancing work and play.
White Horse is the message carrier for all the other horses and represents WISDOM through responsibility in power.

Reclaim the power you have given away by forgetting to come from compassion. Untangle yourself and understand that you must follow this pathway to power before galloping upon the winds of destiny.


Christiane Loettgen, Germany


Master Instructor

As a child, I was fascinated by animals, especially horses, and in healing animals and humans. With equine facilitated learning I have found a way to combine these two passions. Equine facilitated learning is a completely new and different possibility for dealing with crisis - midlife or life, illnesses or just a different way to cope with you and your horse.

I was very pleased to become an Eponaquest Instructor and, more recently, to become a Master Instructor of Carol Roush's Medicine Horse Way equine facilitated learning approach. To collaborate with Carol and her team has been a wonderful experience, and I am pleased and proud to be affiliated with Medicine Horse Way.

A fully trained medical doctor, I have also trained in acupuncture, energetic healing, chiropractic, and hypnotherapy. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and wisdom, together with my horses as co-facilitators, right in the middle of Germany at my little farm. I offer two-day introductory and longer advanced equine facilitated learning workshops, as well as a continuing education training program and individual coaching. Because of increasing demand, I also now offer workshops at locations outside of Germany.

My other huge desire is to improve the relationship between humans and their horses, so I work with people and their own horses as well in relationship building as in groundwork and on horseback. It is important for me that the contact and the activities are joyful and fun for both partners - horses and humans. As Mark Rashid has said, “It doesn’t matter how we name it, but it is at least difficult if not impossible to create a real connection to your horse, if you do not have a connection to yourself. If you desire that the horse is giving you its heart, you have to offer yours first.

And last but not least, I work with companies and businesses to improve employees' skills regarding leadership, team-building and conflict management, to create a better working environment for all.

To learn more about equine facilitated learning and “horsework”, look up For cooperate and leadership development programs, see: