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Training and coaching for:

Leaders and teams • (Equine facilitated learning) coaches • Healthcare professionals • Riders

Billy The Shet
The Tao of Billy: "I may look small but that is only the humble expression of my efficiency. My loving presence is so great that you can barely comprehend it. My physical and emotional agility is unmatched in the horse herd. Human scientists found that the 'speed gen' of Thoroughbread racing horses stems from a Shetland Pony like me, that lived 300 years ago. Personally, I have never needed such evidence to be the Peaceful, Powerfull Boss of My World."


Judith Van Heerde, Holland

In 2012 I started, along with my horses, to coach people with the turning points in their lives. Those are people that wish to take another direction in their lives or career, because the current situation doesn’t fit anymore. Sometimes it is needed and sometimes it comes from their own initiative.

During those sessions we walk through the past, the present and the future. We look back to know what the motivation was and decide together on a new direction. To start this movement we will listen to our body talk and intuition.

The turning point in my own life and the love for my horses made that I started my own company called ‘Keerpuntcoach’ (Turning point Coach). The books of Linda Kohanov crossed my path and since 2017 I am one of the Medicine Horse Way instructor. Hereby I use work experience and knowledge from psychiatry, occupational social work- en systemic work-constellator.

During the Nature of Wisdom program my totem was a bat. At first I didn’t liked this at all, because I hoped for a beautiful horse. The explanation of the bat made me change my mind. A bat clarifies a symbolic death to be reborn. In this rebirth you have to face your fears and meet your true self to put aside your ego and begin a new life free from blockades. The NOW program brought me closer to myself with this lesson.

During the Medicine Horse Way program my totem was an owl. The owl is a symbol for magic and clairvoyance. The owl can hear and see things that others will miss. I am not clairvoyant, but I think working with my horses is magical and special. Not because I have to see everything, but to make people know their selves on another layer.

tel: 0031 6 57718141 or +31 6 57718141



Sinds 2012 coach ik, samen met mijn paarden, mensen bij de keerpunten in hun leven. Dit zijn mensen die wensen een andere koers te nemen in hun levensloop of loopbaan, omdat de huidige situatie niet meer bij hen past. Soms noodgedwongen en soms uit eigen initiatief.

Tijdens deze sessies staan we samen stil bij het verleden, het heden en de toekomst. We kijken achterom naar wat ooit je passies waren en bepalen samen een nieuwe koers. Om deze beweging in gang te zetten luisteren we naar lichaamstaal en intuitie.

De keerpunten in mijn eigen leven en de liefde voor paarden hebben ertoe geleid dat ik Keerpuntcoach heb opgericht. De boeken van Linda Kohanov kwamen op mijn pad en sinds 2017 ben ik Medicine Horse Way instructor. Mijn werkervaring uit de psychiatrie, bedrijfsmaatschappelijk- en systemisch werk neem ik daar in mee.

Tijdens het Nature of Wisdom programma was de vleermuis mijn totemdier. Eerst was ik daar niet zo blij mee, ik had natuurlijk gehoopt op een mooi paard. De uitleg die volgde sprak mij wel aan. Een vleermuis verduidelijkt de symbolische dood om herboren te worden. Hierbij moet je je angst onder ogen zien en je ware zelf te ontmoeten om zo je oude ego opzij te zetten en vrij van blokkades een nieuw leven te beginnen. Met deze les heeft het NOW programma mij dichter bij mezelf gebracht.

Tijdens het Medicine Horse Way programma was de uil mijn totemdier. De uil in het symbool voor magie en helderziendheid. De uil kan dingen horen en zien die anderen ontgaan. Helderziend ben ik niet, maar ik ervaar het werken met paarden als magisch en bijzonder. Niet omdat ik alles zou moeten zien, maar omdat mensen zichzelf op een dieper niveau leren zien.

tel: 0031 6 57718141 or +31 6 57718141

Josselien Janssens, Holland

Advanced Instructor

Medicine Horse Way to me is the path of connecting myself and my clients with our true life calling. If we are truly empowered in our core, we can provide the natural leadership to create beneficial abundance for ourselves as human tribe, and for all life on Earth.

Raven Medicine

Raven Medicine canstockphoto9991669

Raven has been hovering over my path as Advanced Medicine Horse Way Instructor. Raven Medicine governs the magic of healing and the change in consciousness that will bring about a new reality. It dispells limiting patterns by connecting us with “the Great Mystery”: the subconscious and limitless source of power within us. Raven urges us to go with the flow of what feels right, and warns us to not get disconnected from our true calling by explaining miracles away.

  • Who are you?
  • Who would you like to be?
  • What is your next step to get there?
  • What keeps you from living your full potential?
  • How do you access the source of your inner strength?

These are the questions we answer in my coaching sessions, workshops and trainings  with the help of horses. In the natural intelligence of the horse herd, we find the key to the “horsepower” of our personal natural leadership and our team.

My passion for authentic team collaboration based on nonverbal elements originates from my international professional background. As team leader in an organisation that is active in over 50 countries I experienced the limitations of words as sole vehicle for communication, and the power of people that connect through shared intention.

Horses have inspired me from earliest memories. As an Advanced Medicine Horse Way and Eponaquest Instructor, I am able to combine these two passions. My wish is to continue growing and thriving by sharing the natural leadership insights of horses with as many people as possible.

So long as you are able to access your intuition as your source of inner power, you feel great and everybody around you benefits from the best you have to offer. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do: whether that is heading a team or an organisation, being a health care professional, being an artistic creator, a conscious parent, or a rider.

In working with my own horses Raya and Billy, and my coaching horses Habanero, Zorro and Zurito, I get new insights about my own life and leadership every day. The most important one is probably this continuous sense of awe and privilege. We are only beginning to understand the tip of the iceberg of the amazing, loving intelligence of horses and other animals, and the subtle, intrinsic way they are interconnected with us.

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