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What Previous Participants have to say about their experience in the NOW program:

I spent almost ten years, from 2003 – 2012, deciding if I wanted to participate in an Equine Facilitated Learning introductory workshop. In April of this year, I finally said yes. It was an amazing experience, at the end of which my facilitator  casually mentioned the NOW Program. She told me that if I ever have the opportunity to study this work with Carol Roush – it would undoubtedly be life changing. Heeding her words ranks amongst the best (and fastest) decisions I’ve ever made. About two weeks later I found myself in Arizona, in the NOW Program, a very last minute signup with several amazing people.

I can say without reservation that the concepts, ideas, ideals and skills I learned – the entire NOW Program itself – have altered the course of my life in ways I could not have imagined at the time, but that I now can’t imagine being without. Perhaps the biggest gift was that amongst all that deep learning and exploring, I experienced myself as the person I’ve always wanted to be. The NOW Program provided the road map to navigate my own inner landscape and meet a pretty amazing, powerful, loving adventurous soul deep inside my heart.

During the first week of the program I experienced a transformational joy and some new ‘ways of knowing’ that extend well beyond the intellect. It felt like a gateway to a new and more meaningful world, where we each have a path that is vitally important to the world. 

Through NOW, I’ve received the tools and skills to continually experiment with navigating that path- using the intellect I developed as an attorney, now coupled with the intuitive, instinctive, sensory ways of knowing that NOW helped me tap into. This combination has brought new texture and depth to everyday life because even the simplest exchanges are now an adventure in making my own unique contribution to the world.

The NOW Program ended up being a catalyst for me to make some major changes to the external ‘trappings’ of my life. But most significantly, I was introduced to skills and ideas that give me access to the miracle of my own inner landscape. I am filled with a perspective now, of knowing that everything I have is just enough, and I walk around these days in a constant state of gratitude. For everything.

The NOW Program was not necessarily easy in every moment. There were moments that challenged me to grow through what at the time seemed hard. When presented with the possibility of deep happiness, I had to first realize deep happiness comes in it’s own form. The one that is just right for me, but not necessarily the one I’d envisioned. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to study with Carol Roush, and that I found the willingness to accept the gifts that have surfaced as a result. 

It feels an impossible honor to justly give words to the experience of this program and all I gained. I guess it comes down to thank you. Thank for lighting the path, for teaching the process, and for the beautiful, supportive way in which it was all presented. 

There is a whole plane of existence I never knew about – and now I think I’m living it. Thank you!”

“I took my  introductory workshop with Anne Insley Steuart and she told me if I ever get an opportunity to study with Carol Roush I should absolutely take it. Shortly after the intro class I found that Carol did indeed have a NOW program set to start very shortly, I jumped on the opportunity submitting my application the night I discovered the course was open. I came into the program not knowing what to expect, but knowing that I had suffered significant mental trauma from a past job and trying to find myself, or better yet fix what had been broken. I don’t think I even realized how much had been broken loose during that year and a half of pain, until I started working with Carol. Carol expertly pushed me when I needed a push and supported me by her cool, calm, and safe presence when I needed it as I worked through many different and challenging emotions and thoughts.”

“This program will challenge you and shine a light on everything you might try to ignore in your life, but if you persevere and trust the process you will emerge with the slag melted off and a shiny new perspective on your life as well as life in general. I find I don’t look at things the same way, it is not necessarily an easier way of being, but it is an authentic way of being that allows for growth and adaptability. The process doesn’t end when you leave the program as you will forever be changed, but Carol makes sure to provide you the tool set you needs to work with anything that might come up on your continuing path and if all else fails she is there to support you through a phone call or email.”

“My life’s course has been significantly altered from taking the “safe secure path”, to trail blazing on the path of my dreams. It isn’t necessarily safe or comfortable, but it does lighten my steps with excitement for the future. “

“Spirit led me to the NOW program and my life will never be the same.  NOW is a sacred and profound body of personal growth work.  Carol’s magnificent facilitation and the power and wisdom of the herd, has opened the door to my heart in unimaginable ways. Carol Roush is a guide and mentor who will stand by your side as you uncover the truth of your shadows and the brilliance of your light. I am forever grateful to her for the gifts she has brought to my life. I’m so proud to be a part of her herd .”

“This is a truly life changing program – not for the faint of heart, to be honest. Not that there isn’t tons of support there. It’s more a matter of how much it matters to you. How much does it matter to you to connect with your Inner Flame of Passion and Purpose? How much does it matter to you to be aligned with your heart? Because if it only matters half-ass, then don’t go there. You are only going to torture yourself. But if it really truly matters for you to step into your Authentic Power, then be prepared to be vulnerable and uncomfortable. Be prepared to take the next step without knowing if the ground will rise in front of you to meet your foot. Be prepared to meet your own Powerful Self.

One thing I know for sure: you will get the best, top notch, high-end facilitation this world has to offer: four- and two-legged. Carol Roush is gentle, strong, encouraging, always assisting in connecting you with your very own Inner Healer, your own Inner Wisdom, your own Inner Guidance and Knowing.

If you are looking for a crutch or a guru, please stay home and wait for another bus. As I said at the beginning: not for the faint of heart. This course is for those of you who have lion hearts, filled with courage and gentleness, with passion and peace.

A strong longing for freedom is a necessity. The reward? Unlimited possibilities. Enjoy the ride!”