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Personal Development

Equine Experiential Learning is not one, but many experiences.  In participating  we intend to explore, expand, and deepen our connection to all of life.  Our inner wisdom directs the flow of our individual progress on our own personal journeys. With guidance like that of a wise sage and medicine woman, Carol Roush is masterful at helping you to identify survival beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck, learn to hear the voice of your inner guidance, and connect fully with your authentic self. Every Medicine Horse Way Instructor has been personally trained, mentored, and supervised by Carol Roush to ensure that every client will consistently find the same excellent high quality of every Medicine Horse Way program.
In the non-ordinary situations of a workshop setting, we no longer see the world and ourselves from the limited perspective of our ordinary states of consciousness.  With the assistance of nature and horses, our belief systems expand.  Our capacity to live fully, grows.  Then we have the possibility to shift appropriately and pragmatically from the non-ordinary perspective to the ordinary reality of daily life, taking new tools and awareness with us.
Moving toward wholeness, we finish old business and reconnect to the abilities, perceptions, feelings, and experiences from which we were alienated by the very nature of the need to survive.  We claim our birthright as human beings to explore the mystery of our authentic selves and learn to respond to life from the heart rather than react in fear.
Why not allow the Way of the Medicine Horse to create the sacred space of possibility for you to get moving from where to are to where you want to be?

Carol Roush