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Medicine Horse Way Arizona

Tucson, Arizona, has been home to Carol Roush and her Medicine Horse Way Equine Facilitated Learning programs since 2003.

The expansiveness of the Sonoran desert environment is naturally conducive to a shamanic approach to personal development and spirituality.   Expanded awareness begins the moment you step into this arid environment, home to  ancient saguaro cactus and the transmutation power of snake medicine.  The majestic saguaro cactus grows only in the specific latitude and longitude of the Sonoran desert, an indication of the powerful vortex of energy that does not exist anywhere else on the planet.

Snake medicine is that of transmutation.  When you attend a Medicine Horse Way program in Arizona you will be presented with an opportunity to spin your straw into gold.  While you won’t have to actually face one of our famous snakes, you should know that Medicine Horse Way is advanced personal development;  most suitable to those who are ready to shed the old and grow more fully into who you really are.  Snake medicine reminds you that you will awaken for the call to awaken is within you.

Instructors – Arizona

Carol Roush, Arizona

I didn’t grow up with them, but was enthralled with horses from a very young age. Joe Cartwright’s horse Diablo on the Bonanza television show was my first love around age 5.

One summer I was lucky enough to be moved to a new foster home where there were horses across the alley from the house. It didn’t take me long to make friends with the horses and eventually with the daughter of the owner. The hours we spent riding around the county side are the only memories I have of being a carefree child.

I didn’t get a horse of my own until I was 43, a sort of spur of the moment/ flash of inspiration that changed everything for me. I was lost in the depths of grief and depression for about a year after the passing of my husband. I believed I had to somehow go on with the life we had made, but nothing was working for me... the magic of our beautiful life was gone.

I remember the exact moment it happened: My dogs had forced me to get out of bed to let them out, and I sat on the porch and thought, “I cannot go on like this. I have to find something that is deeply meaningful on a personal level, to me.” Almost as soon as the thought was formed, I remembered those times riding the horses as a 10-year-old. I remembered the freedom and joy, the deep ineffable connection to the horse, the wind in my face, life.

I could never have imagined where that thought would take me.

I became interested in spirituality as a young adult reading Kahlil Gibran’s book, The Prophet, which helped me find peace with all the confusion of the various religions I had been subjected to while living in all the different foster homes. But my true spiritual awakening came as I read The Education of Little Tree. That book led me to study shamanism and the healing magic of nature and animal medicine. A bit later in life I studied at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts to become certified as a Massage Therapist. Through my work with patients and clients, I realized that attempting to heal the body was a study in frustration because it was often emotional, mental, and spiritual crises that caused reoccurring physical issues. It became clear to me that much of what kept people stuck in repeating patterns was ingrained beliefs and behaviors that came out of dysfunctional families and limiting cultural practices. At that time I didn’t know what to do to help them. I had a sense that what was needed was to find the freedom we all know deep in our hearts that we were born to have - the freedom to create a good life and a healthy planet. I could see the invisible bars of the self created jails that my clients were stuck in, but didn’t yet know how to help them escape.

My new horse led me to exploring the concepts of Equine Facilitated Learning, and I recognized that this was the link I had been searching for. It is the foundation upon which I have built Medicine Horse Way. More than a equine facilitated learning methodology, Medicine Horse Way is an opportunity to learn how to live life one's life with joy and peace, with a community of support and encouragement. Medicine Horse Way combines expanding body/mind awareness with spiritual enlightenment and emotional agility skills which allow us to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively in a complex world.

Not too long ago, I spent 3 years living in a remote area of Arizona with my 3 horses, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. No cell phone, no television. I was surrounded by hundreds of acres of wilderness. Here my horses taught me about connection and cooperation; they led me into the most astonishing interactions with rarely seen wild animals. I learned to not only accept the Native American blood in my veins, but to embrace the life my DNA was calling me to live. I experienced shape shifters, I entered a sacred circle of ravens dancing, I encountered a mountain lion and an ocelot. One day I opened my eyes after a shamanic journey and found myself surrounded by a flock of wild turkeys. My German Shepherd, dozing under a tree, did not stir. I was content and at peace in this place. I held workshops once per month to support myself and my animal clan. I believed that was how I would live out my life. But Great Spirit had another plan, one that I could never have imagined, and when the call came I could not refuse. Many students came from all over the world to reconnect with nature, attend my workshops and vision quests. One of those students invited me to travel to the Netherlands and teach a workshop there with her horses. I resisted the idea of leaving my animals and my sanctuary for the rigors of international travel and trying to teach non-English speaking clients. But I began to have dreams of doing just that, and after a powerful shamanic journey in which I was given the name for the Nature of Wisdom - NOW - program, I knew I had to go. I knew that this was the path I came to this planet to walk.

To understand the concept of medicine in Medicine Horse Way, one must redefine "medicine" to anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery, Mother Nature, your Inner Guidance, and the Authentic Self. This Medicine can be an encounter with an animal and the specific medicine that creatures brings to you. It includes the healing of body, mind, and spirit through understanding emotions and learning to choose better feeling thoughts. Medicine Horse Way is choosing to live your life, whatever or wherever it is, in a way that brings healing to you, your family, your culture, and to the Earth Mother and all of her creatures including all of humanity. I believe we can come together seeking a future different from the past, and create it, together.

My hope is that each person who chooses to participate in the Medicine Horse Way community either by participating in a single workshop or undertaking more advanced programs, will begin a journey to be the change the world needs.... That they gain the tools to walk the life path intended for them.... That they learn how to to see Source in themselves, to experience the emotional layers of old beliefs and pain peel away, wounds healed, old patterns released.

My greatest joy and satisfaction comes when I see someone learn how to connect with their own inner guidance and come to recognize that no matter what has happened, they are still pristine at the core of who they are and realize that they have been enriched by the dance of life. I have come to know that every single thing that has ever happened to me was important in making me who I am today. I can honestly say that even the death of my beloved husband was a blessing sending me forward on this path that I know with all my heart is the right place for me. Medicine Horse Way programs are designed to help you find the right place for you.

Lucinda Vette, Arizona

Master Instructor

Lucinda Vette is a lifelong horsewoman, accomplished rider, trainer and private instructor, as well as an experienced attorney, licensed to practice in Arizona, Wisconsin and New York. She practiced social justice law for ten years in a non-profit civil law firm before deciding to pursue a full time career in equine facilitated learning. She is a Master Medicine Horse Way Instructor, Advanced Eponaquest Instructor with Power of the Herd designation, and worked as the Resident Trainer for Linda Kohanov at Eponaquest for three years.

In October of 2015 Lucinda was given the opportunity to open her own equine facilitated learning facility. Red Horse EQ is located in Amado, AZ against the backdrop of stunning Elephant Head Mountain. This beautiful location is home to an abundance of wild life, as well as the Red Horse Herd. Lucinda is fortunate to be located on the same site as Reveling Ravens Retreat, LLC and works closely with proprietor Nadine Danton to create a warm, open, and horse focused community for guests and clients interested in staying onsite during workshops, retreats, and private sessions.

Prior to partnering with horses in the field of human development, Lucinda competed extensively in three day eventing through the Intermediate Level. In a previous life she trained extensively in dressage and eventing with Polish 3-Day Olympic Team Member Czepan Cziplicki, United States Equestrian Team members and Olympians Ralph Hill, Tad Coffin, Bruce Davidson, and Denny Emmerson. In addition, Lucinda was a working student for Olympic dressage team member Carol Lavel.

Lucinda began riding and caring for her own horses at age 5, training horses at age 9, and became a B-level graduate of the United States Pony Club by 18. She was a contender for the North American Young Riders Championship Team in 3-Day Eventing, a pre-Olympic level training and competition program for riders under the age of 21.

RedHorseEQ_FinalLogo_Scott_FULL-LOGO_TransparentAfter her horse “Drumlee” was diagnosed with a fatal illness, Lucinda stopped eventing and competing, and left the world of horses for a short time. During this hiatus from her first love, Lucinda focused on becoming a lawyer, and seeing the world. After living and working abroad, and then practicing law in the United States for several years, Lucinda crossed paths with a very talented and beautiful red bay dressage horse named “Juilliard.” With dreams of high level competition once again in her mind, Lucinda and Juilliard became a team. Little did she know at the time, that this talented mare had different ideas for both of them. These ‘other ideas’ eventually lead Lucinda to shutting down her law practice, and moving across the country from Wisconsin to Arizona to study and work with Linda Kohanov at Eponaquest Worldwide, LLC. After three fantastic years with Eponaquest, under the tutelage of Linda and Carol Roush, Lucinda branched out to create Red Horse EQ, LLC.

Lucinda continues to develop as a horse woman, now focusing her attention on helping people develop the skills of self-awareness and presence that lead to innovative practices and collaborations with horses, and in life.

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Reveling Ravens Retreat
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Palm City, Florida - Summerwood Stables

Located in in southeastern Florida in Palm City, Summerwood Stables is a state-of-the-art equine boarding/training facility and retreat center with 30 acres of pasture and capacity for 22 horses. Its mission is to improve the health, welfare and well-being of both horse and human. Services include boarding, equine care, training, riding instruction, educational seminars and activities. In addition, Summerwood is very pleased to host Anne Steuart’s equine facilitated learning practice - - consisting of introductory workshops and advanced retreats, and Medicine Horse Way Instructor Apprenticeships personally facilitated by MHW founder Carol Roush.

Summerwood offers resort-like accommodations for workshop/retreat participants including the quaint Guest House, consisting of a spacious queen bedroom with private bath, and a twin bedroom with a semi-private bath. The Guest House also features a comfortable living room with a large-screen TV, a dining area and a kitchenette with a refrigerator, convection/microwave oven, coffee maker and a hot plate cooking unit. The Lodge, the larger of the two residences on the property, will open as guest accommodations in the fall of 2016, with three airy guest rooms (two queens and a king), each with a private bathroom, access to a wrap around screened porch, and scenic outdoor views. The Lodge's well-appointed group meeting space, state-of-the-art kitchen, and dining area (seats 10) along with a large-screen TV and fireplace make it the perfect location for private retreats and workshops. Both the Lodge and the Guest House overlook Summerwood's beautifully landscaped in-ground pool and cabana. For RV travelers, hookups with 120V 30-amp and 240V power and water are also available.

Additional amenities at Summerwood include a brand new 100 x 100 sq. ft. covered arena and a round pen with a private viewing area. Summerwood is easily accessible to a network of nearby trails for those who enjoy walking and biking. Miles of secluded Atlantic Ocean beaches are just 20 minutes away on Hutchinson Island in the historic town of Stuart.

Palm Beach International (PBI) Airport, in Palm Beach, FL, is approximately 45 minutes south of Summerwood. Other airport options include Orlando International Airport (MCO), in Orlando, FL and Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Contact information:

Anne Steuart
email: [email protected]
cell: 410-941-0029

Instructors – Florida

Anne Steuart, Florida

Master Instructor

My connection with horses goes back as far as I can remember. I learned how to ride on a neighbor’s ponies and at equestrian themed summer camps, spent as much time as I could in local barns as a teenager (constantly pestering my parents for a horse, to no avail), and rode recreationally through college. Fifteen years later, career established and on track, I found myself trail riding with friends. But that, too, fell by the wayside as life intervened. Years later, in 2007, I met Carol Roush, founder of Medicine Horse Way International, who introduced me to the emerging field of equine facilitated learning (EFL). Working with Carol back then, and for the past several years as one of her workshop co-facilitators, has been an inspiring experience. Last year, I was honored to accept Carol’s invitation to join the Medicine Horse Way community of master instructors. In addition, I'm an Advanced Eponaquest EFL and Power of the Herd Instructor.

Equine facilitated learning allows me to assist those who are interested in exploring and tapping into their own inner guidance through horse-inspired wisdom. As a Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor, I offer private instruction, personal coaching, and introductory and advanced EFL workshops at Summerwood Stables in Palm City, FL, in partnership with my two mares and the Summerwood herd. I bring to my practice over 25 years of experience as a coach, executive and administrator in the public sector workforce development field. A life long learner, my background also includes studying the principles and theory of transformational mediation and conflict resolution with Louise Phipps Senft, Esq., a nationally recognized innovator in the field and Principal of Baltimore Mediation, Inc. As well, I have explored the fundamentals of the Enneagram, a powerful system of nine personality types that builds self-awareness and enriches interactions with others, with author and international lecturer Helen Palmer at the Harvard Law School's Negotiation Insight Initiative. I hold a BA in Politics and Government from Ohio Wesleyan University, have a certificate in Fund Raising and Development Management from Goucher College, and also successfully completed two professional leadership development programs during my career.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Contact me via:

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cell - 410-941-0029

Summerwood Stables
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