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Welcome to Medicine Horse Way

Welcome to Medicine Horse Way

Ancient Wisdom Remembered

Outside my office window I see mesquite trees bursting forth with new spring leaves, palo verde trees blossoming with golden yellow flowers, and the elegant green arms of the ocotillo reaching for the sky announce spring’s arrival with happy orange flowers. The desert comes to life as though brand new with all her wild flowers blooming, yet she is as old as the earth. This is a new chapter in my life. I am calling it Medicine Horse Way and the journey has required a lifetime of exploration, missteps, discovery, joy, satisfaction, longing to grow, uncertainty and tragedy and when all else seemed to fail, just plain old faith — faith that we are each born carrying a specific purpose deep in the heart of our souls, and that the calling of that purpose is itself our guiding light.

Medicine Horse Way is a series of processes designed to help you become more aware of your own guiding light. Programs include equine experiential activities that provide you with tools to spin your straw into gold.

The earliest signs of my guiding light were the horses who called to me as a small child. I recognized the calling immediately, yet it took 50 years to understand the message. It was a path I first had to walk, and sometimes crawl. Medicine Horse Way methodology originated over time as I integrated the teachings of many masters.

Medicine Horse Way is the way of the heart, designed to open you to the reality that within you lies a center of peace, a center of forgiveness, a center in your heart that can begin to take you toward the certainty of knowing who you really are.

Medicine Horse Way transforms how you experience the world. The teachings involve new ways of thinking. Old patterns in the mind dissolve and you reactivate your power to deliberately decide what you will feel, what you will create, and what circumstances in life will be acceptable to you.

Medicine Horse Way will support your decision to close the door on the past, step out of your old stories, and step into living a full and joyful life NOW.

Welcome to the brand new Medicine Horse Way website. All of us who walk the Medicine Horse Way are committed to bringing the highest quality personal development experiences to our clients while respectfully honoring the horses who teach us. Our programs are available throughout the US, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland.

Attend a Discovery Day and connect with something in you lost long ago. Consider participating in a 2- or 3-day Introductory Workshop facilitated by our specially trained instructors and find a whole new treasure chest of tools to help you as you move forward.

Medicine Horse Way long-term advanced NOW programs are for those who are ready to actively engage in the process of the transformational journey from where you are in your life to where you want to be. Medicine Horse Way also offers apprenticeship programs for those who feel called to extend the wisdom of the medicine horse to others. We may not offer everything everyone wants, but I am certain the Medicine Horse Way community offers something everyone needs.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Carol Roush
Founder Medicine Horse Way