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The workshops I lead take a shamanic approach to advanced personal development, mindfulness and spirituality. Our earliest tribal understanding of the nature of life is that we have an inherent inner guidance that directs the path of our life’s journey. We each have a specific purpose, but many have lost the ability to access the inner guidance needed to bring their journey into a fully awakened consciousness.

As a 10-year-old child I began to ponder the meaning of creation and the purpose of my existence. Growing up I often got caught up in what everyone around me was caught up in, but I would still wander off alone seeking understanding from the old cottonwood trees growing along the nearly dry riverbed in southwest Kansas. I was easily entertained by the pheasants and quail and often enthralled by the shy deer. In my own yard I would try to unlock the mystery that shows itself as the beauty of the multi-colored irises blooming in the spring. They gave so freely of their beauty and subtle scent.

My asking got bigger and I began to wander farther and farther away as my need to know became a compulsion to find the answers. “Why am I here?” “Who am I” and the big one, “Who am I asking?”
I traveled to Jerusalem to follow the steps of Jesus and searched all through the Holy lands and into the ancient sites of Egypt. I learned, but I did not find the answers to my questions. So I moved to the desert southwest and sought out the greatest of minds and the best teachers. I went alone into the desert, my vision-quest to feel connection with the earth, nature, the ancient wise ancestors and the Great Spirit they knew. I discovered ancient hidden petroglyphs and I experienced profound silence. Slowly the answers began to come and my own wisdom began to evolve. I studied the teachings of prophets, seers, astrologers, and Shamans. I learned to listen to all living beings in nature, and slowly discovered their medicine, and my wounds – body, mind, and soul, began to heal.

Arizona Saguaro flowers

It was the majestic saguaro cactus that finally gave me a glimpse into my life purpose. The saguaro is a modern day dinosaur, she thrives in barren soil with no water and boiling hot temperatures. Her message: You humans are limited by only one thing. You are limited by your perceptions. You are limited by how you perceive yourselves, how you perceive your society, how you perceive your world, your needs. And most of all you are limited by your perception of your Source.

There was always a calling inside me, a longing for the wind and to know something the world did not seem to teach. I began to ask others “Do you hear that call? Do you long for the mysteries of the wind and to touch what is invisible? To see what cannot be seen, to hear what ears have never heard, to embrace what arms cannot reach and to live in peace?”

If you too hear that call, perhaps we can join together and discover some of the answers for you.

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