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Cardinal Medicine

Posted on: July 31, 2016

Native American traditions hold the spiritual belief that every being and every element of the universe is inhabited by a soul, or consciousness. All birds and other animals are messengers from the Great Spirit, or sometimes called the Source of all that is. There are traditional universal messages that are inherent to each specific creature that appears to you, but the message is also strongly influenced by what you are doing and what you are thinking and feeling at the time of the appearance. “When the journey to wholeness is completed, the journey within it begins.” I was contemplating this quote from a course I am studying when a bright red cardinal caught my eye. He was attempting to get a drink from the small birdbath I keep in my back yard. Water is precious in the desert, especially in the July heat. The cardinal would make his way up to the water, take one look and flutter off. I […] Read More

Embracing Transition

Posted on: June 22, 2016

We are programmed to resist change, to maintain the status quo, to not rock the boat, or upset the apple cart. The list of clichés about what not to do becomes overwhelming! The reality is that life is about change and change requires taking action that will most likely rock the boat for somebody somewhere. Society embraces some boat rocking, kids graduate from high school and leave home and new technology arises; we know what we are supposed to do with these kinds of changes. But what about leaving a job that is no longer satisfying, or a relationship that doesn’t work anymore? What about internal changes? You realize that not setting boundaries is not healthy, how do you change that? What ends up happening is that we stay way too long, in patterns of behavior, jobs, relationships, or living situations that we’ve outgrown. We become frustrated with ourselves, others, and the situation. Then we have a sudden blast of […] Read More

Welcome to Medicine Horse Way

Posted on: April 13, 2016

Welcome to Medicine Horse Way Ancient Wisdom Remembered Outside my office window I see mesquite trees bursting forth with new spring leaves, palo verde trees blossoming with golden yellow flowers, and the elegant green arms of the ocotillo reaching for the sky announce spring’s arrival with happy orange flowers. The desert comes to life as though brand new with all her wild flowers blooming, yet she is as old as the earth. This is a new chapter in my life. I am calling it Medicine Horse Way and the journey has required a lifetime of exploration, missteps, discovery, joy, satisfaction, longing to grow, uncertainty and tragedy and when all else seemed to fail, just plain old faith — faith that we are each born carrying a specific purpose deep in the heart of our souls, and that the calling of that purpose is itself our guiding light. Medicine Horse Way is a series of processes designed to help you become […] Read More